Project: WHSPR
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Brand Identity / Logo Design
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WHSPR is a mobile application that aims to change the way real estate professionals communicate, market their listings, and conduct business. It's a social networking platform that brings together real estate agents and provides a new method of outreach and communication.
Tomorrow Creative was tasked with creating a Logo and Brand Identity package for WHSPR that encapsulates the social networking aspect of the app, its role for delicately sharing confidential information and communication, and as a platform to search and browse real estate listings in specific neighborhoods.
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Final WHSPR Logo
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Safe Space
In logo design, "safe space" is defined as a set area around the logo or its components, where nothing else should be placed. This blank “safe” space helps to make sure the logo is always legible and easily recognizable when placed next to other design elements, text, or busy images. The safe space is a void area around the logo, generally equal to the height of the lettering or established as a set percentage of the logo’s overall size. This area should be kept free of any text or other design elements that would otherwise compete with, or obscure the logo.
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Logo Variations
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