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Woke is one-stop-shop for connecting people, organizations, events, and resources that helps youth leaders work toward their equity goals. Through providing a simplified way to mobilize young people who are ready to become leaders in their community, Woke transforms ambitions and passions into actions.
Click here to view and navigate through the Woke mobile prototype.
It’s hard for just one person to change the world, but no one has to do it alone.

Presented in a format similar to popular dating apps, Woke will be accessible for all users. The recent success of dating apps shows that the “swipe” mechanism is not only intuitive, but that there is true power in the swift identification of common interests.

Furthermore, Woke’s colorful and lively design is reminiscent of the diverse and bright future that its users strive for. Woke can prove that we are stronger together.
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Who We Are
We connect activists with advocates. Motivators with activators. Movers and shakers with changemakers.
What We Do
We match you with people in your city who share your passion and provide the place for you to converse, collaborate, mobilize and organize for social change.
What Comes Next
Let us know a little bit about yourself, and which topics, causes, or issues you’re passionate about. We’ll handle the rest.
Sign Up Design
Users are prompted to select their pronouns, their location, and a provide the app with a little background on what they're about in order to match them with other members.
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Swipe Mechanism
An action we’re all too familiar with: swiping.
Location-Based Results
Chat with your matches and discover events that align with your shared passions.
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Woke Testimonials
"The design and the content is just brilliant. Seriously, I love everything…from the colors to the clever use of animation to the tone of the copy. The UX was super clean and intuitive, and it made the app a breeze to navigate.”
Claudia Penwell
Adobe Creative Director
"There are so many lovely moments in this app, I want to use it today.”
Eve Wallack
Design & Content Coordinator VISTA at Creative Reaction Lab
"Flow was easy to use, and the illustration was extremely inviting…Honestly, I kind of want to hire you because this app is freakin’ awesome, just saying.”
Antionette Carroll
President and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab / TED Fellow